Dough of Dreams

Many years ago, I created a tradition of baking cookies during the holidays. I don't know why I felt so compelled - especially since there was always an abundance of delectable filipino dessert offerings. I wasn't even a baker - having relied solely on recipes found on the internet and on the back of chocolate chip bags. 

Eventually, the incessant recipe tweaks evolved into
 my interpretation of chocolate chip cookie & subtly sweet, crisp & chewy - often described as vanilla cookie dough ice cream.

Friends and family began requesting them for special occasions and encouraging me to participate in local markets. I often heard stories about cookie lovers hiding or fighting over the last cookie. I felt that it would be a wasted gift to end the baking journey there - what would've been the point of creating my dough of dreams.

Since, I've always advocated for food transparency and sustainability, it was important for me to create treats with integrity - free of GMOs, additives, preservatives, trans fats, palm oils, aluminum, artificial flavors & colors. My love for animals prompted me to delve into vegan options. Equally as vital, I chose certified biodegradable & compostable packaging - sourced using sustainable forestry principles.

In my wildest dreams, the cookie start-up would collaborate with a social mission(s); it's very much a work in progress. So until that purpose materializes, I'm always open to hearing ideas from others who share my vision.

In the meantime, I'll continue to handcraft a variety of seasonal, and perhaps ethnically inspired, treats from the heart. See you around ;-)


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